Jason Jackson

Property Investment Manager

Jason has established his career in real estate and has found a strong passion for the industry. He has a flair for customer service and prides himself in always going that extra mile for his clients. He provides faultless management of all properties he is in charge of, ensuring that the day-to-day tasks are taken care of and any issues are quickly addressed.

Jason maintains a high standard of communication, organisation and always has a professional mannerism, which keeps good working relationships with his clients and employees. Jason is always thirsty for knowledge and is continually improving his skill set to better his service provision. Jason’s clients often praise their experiences with him and our agency. He is truly a credit to LJ Hooker Craigmore.

What our customers say

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I was not expecting that my house be rented out soon but I thank Jason the property manager for doing the unexpected job. I recommend Jason to all. Thank You.

Landlord - Max

We have Jason Jackson as our property manager who recently was able to find a suitable tenant for our property. We had a couple issues finding someone after the first open but he was completely transparent about those issues and we were able to fence them off leading to a great tenant. He has also arranged quotes for maintenance work to be completed which was done much quicker than expected. (5 Stars)

Landlord - A. Bell

Dear Jason, Thank you so much to take the time out to attend to a matter of importance! Sir I commend your passion, Empathy but most importantly! Your Professional Demeanour and Conduct is a Role model for Any Property Managerial Individual. can only say that You have exceeded these standards above and beyond Your character is Genuine! a rare commodity in these Troubled Times.

Henry of Elizabeth Downs